Joe Biden is a career politician. His stint in DC has been four decades in duration. Joe was there for some major upheavals we now regard as historic. He was a buddy of Ted Kennedy, and the two often walked in lockstep.

Biden was once a slightly left of center Democrat. He could be reasonable and was liked and respected. He became the Vice Presidential running mate of Barack Obama and served him faithfully for two terms. According to the rules of Washington politics, It is his turn to run for President. After all, he is experienced, having done it twice prior.

Today, he is trying to slide to the left. He needs to become a socialist. On occasion, he appears to one micro-centimeter from a full-on socialist. His rivals, who are socialists keep reminding him that he is not one of them.

Until September 2019 Joe Biden was the early favorite to capture the Democrat nomination for President of the United States. Of the twenty contenders, Joe was vetted and in possession of a presidential resume.

Joe Biden wants to be President. Enter Elizabeth Warren. Enter Kamala Harris. Enter Bernie Sanders. Enter reports of alleged scandalous interactions with foreign entities that some regard as highly suspicious, perhaps illegal.

There is mounting evidence of questionable behavior with both China and Ukraine. Finally, enter Hunter Biden, Joe’s once wayward, drug-using son. Of all the disruptions it’s Joe’s son and the foreign entanglements that loom large, threatening to bring down what is surely Joe Biden’s last opportunity to ascend to the office of President.

Joe was caught on tape warning the Ukrainians that if his son’s prosecutor wasn’t fired in six hours, he would withhold more than one billion dollars of pending aid scheduled for delivery to the Ukrainian government. Long and short of it: the prosecutor was fired on Joe’s timetable.

Sean Hannity has raised the red flag on Biden’s behavior and developed what Sean calls, “Biden’s timeline of corruption.”

Democrats are stepping forward to say Biden’s campaign is in real trouble. Even before Biden’s “Fire-the-prosecutor-or-else,” scandal democrats were noticing Joe’s slip-ups, mental lapses, and downright false story-telling. More importantly, Democrats noticed the gradual climb of Elizabeth Warren, who today is Joe’s biggest threat to the nomination. Warren, according to reliable polls, is now besting Biden in Iowa by anywhere from two to seven percent.

Is Joe Biden’s campaign over? Before I give you my best guess, it needs to be stated that if Biden loses Iowa and New Hampshire, the odds are he’s finished. If he secures one win out of the first two primaries, he’s viable.

Joe’s problem is his son, China, and Ukraine. Thus far the liberal media has cut him major slack, avoiding the kind of investigative reporting that would be afforded any Republican in a similar situation. Long before the China and Ukraine revelations, Biden was already facing an increasingly serious challenge from many of the DNC candidates, who were nipping at his heels during the televised debates.

Now, Joe Biden is being forced to address an issue no candidate wants to address, problems with family, ethics, and character. Eventually, the political scrutiny and the media will take a toll on Joe and his campaign. Biden will be scrutinized about his son Hunter’s board positions and enriching business ties to both China and Ukraine.

While the media has temporarily circled the wagons around Biden, the clock is ticking. Soon, the media will find the story irresistible and an examination of Joe and Hunter’s “deals” will be dissected mercilessly by any number of ego-centric journalists in seek of the big scoop.

Prior to these issues surfacing, I never thought Joe Biden was electable. This is not Joe’s time, place and political climate. Weeks before he announced, I tweeted “Joe Biden will not be the Democrat nominee for President.” My rationale was not complicated…Joe Biden is yesterday’s Democrat.

Biden has trouble morphing into a socialist, much less a Marxist. He tries to keep up with his younger, more hip socialist rivals but it doesn’t come naturally to him. In the same way that a fish is not a bird, Joe is not a socialist. Joe Biden’s era is over. He can’t evolve fast enough, his age is betraying him, and the party he once knew no longer exists.

Is Joe Biden’s campaign over? Yes.

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